Spotlight On: Yes Master

Here at Dolci Follie, we love keeping our eye out for the next big thing in luxury lingerie. And so this week we bring you Yes Master, a brand with nearly a decade of excellence in the luxury lingerie scene under their belt. The brand is focussed upon ultra high-end couture looks, made exquisite by the use of Parisian lace and Solstiss lace in many of their creations.

London based, Yes Master have their finger on the pulse of all things current and use this to explore the intimate world with their unique collection. For a feminine touch with a wild side that references nature this is the collection for you.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of the best reasons to check out this brand today:

Show Stopping Gown

For many, the idea of wearing a gown in the bedroom is pure extravagance. Ignore these naysayers. There is nothing better than a touch of extravagance in your luxury lingerie and so adding a show-stopping gown to your wardrobe should be an easy decision to make.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 09.08.01

So, why not take the leap with this sheer embroidered night dress from Yes Master? This Full-Length Show Stopping Gown is a breathtaking delight, sure to make a splash whenever you choose to wear it. With a beautiful bodice and flowing, sheer, skirt this is a piece which you won’t want to get out of any time soon. It’s a look worth investing in, especially if you are looking for something a little different to add to your boudoir looks.

Strappy Bird Embroidery

For a dress with something new to offer, look no further than the Strappy T-Shirt Bird Embroidery Dress from Yes Master.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 09.08.15

The real standout feature of this dress, without a doubt, is the stunning embroidery. From the intricate flowers to the birds that seem ready to fly off into the sunset, it is truly a dress that is alive thanks to the detail. No expense has been spared and it is obvious through the beautiful craftsmanship. If you want a piece that is one of a kind – truly, there is nothing else quite like it in luxury lingerie – then this is the dress for you.

So, whether your style is sheerer rather than embroidered or vice versa, these dresses are a picture-perfect addition to any lingerie drawer. Of course, you can also shop the full range of Dolci Follie lingerie or our gowns in particular if these two don’t quite tick the right boxes.