Packing Essentials for Your Weekend Getaway

The modern woman is not often confined to one location. Being on the move – whether for business or pleasure – has just woven its way into being an everyday part of life. As such, you may consider it a sad concession that your lingerie concession must remain trapped at home in the wardrobe all the while. Or does it?

Travelling often leaves us without the comforts of home, but lingerie doesn’t actually have to be one of our sacrifices. With that in mind, here are some travel essentials for your lingerie collection on the move.

A Bra of Convenience

One of the biggest issues that comes with travelling is the fact that, often, you don’t always know what’s going to happen. Dinner in a fancy restaurant can easily transform into a moonlit beach picnic the next, nothing is truly guaranteed. For this reason, it is important that your lingerie is equally as flexible as your plans.

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A strapless bra can be the best convenience for many of the activities that you will get up to whilst on the road. It can fit perfectly with your business attire as well as your little black dress, whilst also being perfectly luxurious for when you finally get back to the hotel. Try the Else Petunia Ivory Strapless Bra for a classic look with the convenience of the modern age.

Tissue Paper

Lingerie is very delicate, which means that transporting it can often be very difficult. Tissue paper is the best option for packing away your lingerie, as it gives you a delicate and soft environment for the pieces to travel in. It helps to keep the fine fabric from getting worn and keeps the wrinkles away.

A Separate Lingerie Bag

On that same note, lingerie is simply very delicate and so the better you treat it, the better it will fair during trips. Which often means not taking it on the trip in the first place. But, woe is the woman who must spend an extended amount of time away from home and without her favourite lingerie. For that reason, ways to help your lingerie travel better have been devised.

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It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, so for that reason the Sherry et Cie lingerie case is a travel must-have. Protecting your lingerie is serious business and this case makes it a breeze.

Delicate Wash

As mentioned above, lingerie is delicate and so travelling with a large number of pieces isn’t always ideal. For this reason, you might be better taking a means with which to wash select pieces of lingerie on your trip. If you pack the right amount of delicate wash, for example, you can minimise the amount of lingerie you need to take on your trip and avoid having to transport lots of delicate pieces.

Our Eucalan delicate no-rinse detergent is ideal for hassle-free handwashing whilst on the go. Enriched with lanolin, it is non-toxic and completely phosphate free. It is the fresh, easy, solution to delicate washing that you need on your travels. It comes scented with either grapefruit or lavender.

The modern woman is not a force to be tamed or chained to one spot. Travel is as inevitable as the rising of the sun. So, make sure you are prepared for the necessities of travel with the full range of lingerie and accessories from Dolci Follie.