Dolci Follie’s New Year Resolutions!

Another new year means another new set of News Year’s Resolutions! This time, the team at Dolci Follie decided we’re not going to pretend to ourselves that we’ll suddenly turn into fitness enthusiasts and be jogging all over the city, or magically develop an aversion to biscuits and chocolate. No, this year, we’re setting ourselves a realistic goal, that is actually enjoyable and can only make us feel better every day! Yes, this year, our New Year’s resolution is to wear beautiful lingerie every day.

What? We don’t already? It may seem hard to believe, seeing as how we’re surrounded by luscious lingerie and too-die-for bras at the boutiques, but a number of us admitted to being rather bad when it came to wearing our lovelier lingerie often. Having discussed it before Christmas, a number of us on the Dolci Follie team know that we too-easily succumb to the lazy, auto-pilot dressing of just picking our washed-out, greying, old bras each day and keeping our lovely silk or lace items for ‘special occasions’!

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but an awful habit! With each of us being true lingerie enthusiasts, and constantly falling head over heels in love with at least half the items we get into the boutique, it’s fair to say we all have a pretty substantial collection of gorgeous bras and knickers. So why aren’t we wearing them enough?!

The first excuse we all gave was “I’m really lazy at hand-washing, I never have time”. A popular excuse, but a pathetic one! Hand-washing lingerie isn’t the nightmare we might pretend it is. Especially when using the new, time-and-effort-saving products such as Eucalan, which use natural oils and antiseptics meaning there’s no need to rinse, and meaning that “hand-washing” really only means putting your lingerie in warm water in the sink for an hour. Then all you have to do is take it out and place it on a towel to dry…easy!

Another excuse that came up was “oh, but it’s not so comfortable to wear all day”. Now, this is a fair excuse – none of us want to be distracted by rubbing underwires or digging-in straps all day. However, just because a bra is beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s going to be uncomfortable – and at Dolci Follie, this is something we really know. We choose to buy from brands who think about fit as well as style. One of our most popular brands, Mimi Holliday, is popular precisely because they make lovely lace and silk bras that consistently fit well and are comfortable all day. We never advocate buying an uncomfortable bra because we know that you’ll never end up wearing it. So, my advice as far as uncomfortable bras go is: get rid of them, and find a brand that fits well and looks great – because there’s lots out there that do!

Another reason that your ‘special occasion’ bra is uncomfortable may be because it’s the wrong size. Lingerie specialists advise that we should get ourselves re-measured every year or so as our bodies are constantly changing, even without us noticing, and as we all know it is imperative for comfort and support to be wearing the correct size bra. For this reason, it is ludicrous to save our most precious lingerie sets for special occasions, as we may only get to wear it once or twice before changing sizes!

We all know the amazing impact that a truly sublime lingerie set can have when you wear it; it can make you feel ever more beautiful, special, and confident. It’s a small and easy way of paying attention to yourself and treating yourself – even if it’s simply for your own eyes to admire and appreciate! It can inspire you to sit up that little bit straighter, and smile that little bit wider.

So, at Dolci Follie, we’re going to make sure this is a New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t fizzle out at the end of January (and we can say that with confidence, because we’ve seen the new collections coming to the DF boutique and can’t wait to get our own SS13 sets! Here’s a little sneak peak!