Brand Spotlight: ID Sarrieri

Here at Dolci Follie, we love lingerie and the thrill of discovery that comes with finding new brands or new products. This week one, in particular, has caught our gaze; I.D. Sarrieri. True sophistication is rare, but this brand brings it flawlessly to every piece of lingerie they create with an astonishing flair.

And what’s a brand spotlight without having a look at a few of our favourite I.D. Sarrieri pieces?

The Brand’s History

Founded in 1992, I.D. Sarrieri has a long-standing history of excellence for anyone with an eye for lingerie. The signature look of the brand is the extensive Chantilly lace used throughout the collections to spectacular effect. A timeless brand, with respect to both design and comfort, they have found themselves an irreplaceable home in the wardrobe of the modern jet-setter.

Dress to Impress

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From lingerie to swimwear, the I.D. Sarrieri brand has an amazing range of diverse pieces. But, the dresses that they create are some of the most spectacular aspects of their lines.

For example, the Mysterede Minuit Long Dress is a thing of beauty, truly photos do not do it justice and it will leave you swooning in person. Sheer tulle, intricate embroidery and a magnificently voluminous skirt combine together to form lingerie fit for a Queen. This is the type of dress that will have you longing for a lounger in the sunny Greek weather, with someone on hand to hand feed you grapes – as if you were Venus herself! With this dress, you will be one step closer to that dream.

Elegance comes in many forms. But, it is at its most pure when found in the La Naissance de Venus from I.D. Sarrieri. With precise, delicate, placement of embroidery. It holds all of the intricacies of a classic piece but boasts modernity in the form of the scallop edge plunge. Truly, it would be a breath of fresh air for any wardrobe.

No matter which you choose, both of these dresses are guaranteed to create a stunning moment. They will also undoubtedly stand the test of time in both beauty, chic and sensuality.

Enrobe Yourself in Luxury

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.21.25

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Victorian lady, with a life full of romanticism and amusements? Well, look no further than the I.D. Sarrieri Mysterede Minuit Long Robe to give you exactly that feeling and more. The craftsmanship of the piece has left out no expense; embroidered lace flows deliciously to the bottom of the robe, intricate folds of tulle create the perfect illusion, with luscious silk lines to finish the piece. Truly, it is a masterpiece.

Every stitch of embroidery contains a touch of mystery, the irresistible allure of romance, and everlasting elegance. Pick up yours today and you will feel like a new woman by tomorrow.

A Delectable Bodysuit

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.22.02

No wardrobe is complete without an elegant bodysuit. Whether you aim to dress to impress or for play, there’s no end to versatility when it comes to I.D. Sarrieri’s Fleur Interdit Bodysuit. With a base of flexible beige tulle, intricate black petal embroidery, a striking open back and stretch jersey base make for a completely wonderful piece.

It is a showstopper of a piece and you will have no shortage of compliments whilst wearing it. And let’s face it, a piece as striking as the Fleur Bodysuit shouldn’t stay covered. Show this beautiful piece off for all that it’s worth!

This piece suits an evening in the bedroom or one spent out on a romantic date – you will certainly be a tantalising delight in either scenario!

And there you have it! Our current favourites from I.D. Sarrieri are beautiful, they’re luxurious and above all else, they are guaranteed to make you feel spectacular as soon as you put them on. Of course, if they’re not quite what you are looking for then explore the rest of our luxurious lingerie collections here at Dolci Follie – there’s a treasure to be found on every page.