4 Lingerie Facts You Didn’t Know

Throughout history, the role of underwear has been varied. Fashion has evolved starkly over the 2,000 or so years we have been wearing clothes, so it’s safe to say there are some hidden secrets within that history. Especially when it comes lingerie. So, with that in mind, here are some lingerie facts that may shock you!

1 – Open Secrets

Once upon a time, the crotchless panty was not a point of sexiness. No, in actual fact, it was a simple part of everyday life. Men’s underwear had crotches as standard, while a woman found a standard gap there instead. Even Queen Victoria, who’s underwear went on sale at an auction not too long ago, was subject to a crotchless pair of bloomers.

Prior to the 1800s, in fact, the standard was no underwear altogether in most cases. Fairly scandalous, considering our proper and prim opinions of those in that era!

In fact, knickers which joined up in the middle only came to the market in the 1850s or so. Though they enjoyed no popularity, having been seen as unpractical and unhealthy in some cases. It was only during the turn of the 19th century when a more fashionable design was applied to many of these pieces, that they began to genuinely rise in popularity. Strange, considering support for the breasts was something even the Ancient Greeks enjoyed. Shame that the panty crotch took so long to follow!

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2 – French Fancies

There a number of interesting facts surrounding the French and their relationship with lingerie. Largely, in part, due to the fact that they are so connected with the creation of lingerie in the first place. For example, lingerie can be used in regards to both men and women. Men’s lingerie doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in English, but it’s a common turn of phrase in France. And another little-known fact is that a French woman was the creator of the bra. We can thank Herminie Cadole for creating this level of support in 1889.

To get the look, try this influente bra from French-brand Chantal Thomass:

3 – The Birth of the Sports Bra

Debuted in 1975, the first sports bra was called the ‘Free Swing Tennis Bra’ and was made by a company called Glamorise Foundations. It was followed later by something called the ‘jockbra’ in 1977, which was invented by Lisa Lindahl. This, in turn, was renamed a ‘jogbra’ at some point and became much more widely used, until it was purchased in 1990 by the Playtex company. This saw the evolution of the sports bra in earnest.

The science of how breasts moved during exercise saw the creation of a sturdier, better, sports bra and this was then brought to market. It was showcased on the Oprah Winfrey show, which saw a surge in orders and began the reign of popularity for the sports bra as we know it today.

4 – Corsets Almost Caused Extinction

Corsets in their first form were often made from whalebone. The popularity of the corset rose throughout the 1800s, it’s why we have such a vivid image of this time with the straight-backed women in their tight corsets. However, what may have been good for fashion wasn’t necessarily good for the environment.

In fact, the popularity of corsets and the hoop skirt meant that some whales became seriously at risk of extinction. Particularly the baleen whale, whose rib cage was particularly adept for this use. Thankfully, the invention of new elastic materials at the beginning of the twentieth century made whale-bone corsets obsolete. Meaning the whale populations have been able to slowly recover following this craze.

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On the whole, lingerie has a long and fascinating history. So, why not carve a little bit out for yourself? Browse the Dolci Follie luxury lingerie collection today and discover a little bit of lingerie history for yourself.


3 Style Ideas for the End of Summer

The transition of the seasons is a beautiful time of year, especially when summer slowly spirals into Autumn. Sunshine loses a little bit of warmth, the trees fade to a burnt orange and your wardrobe slowly starts to find more layers. As a result, we find ourselves wearing the cosy embrace of jumpers and putting the bikinis away to be worn next summer. But, that does not mean we need to forego all luxury whatsoever.

With that in mind, what new shape can your lingerie drawer take to help keep your end of summer blues at bay? Here are a few ideas:

1 – A Warm Embrace

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the end of summer is the loss of heat. The days of double-figure temperatures will be long gone, with a chill taking hold in the air instead. For that reason, adding a little bit of layering to your wardrobe is a much-needed wardrobe change. But, forget simply adding a spare jumper over everything; turn to lingerie instead.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.49.51

This Chité Macy Bodysuit is the perfect little addition to any autumnal wardrobe. Designed alongside American influencer Macy Mariano, this is a lurex jersey in the front to make the appearance of something quite standard. But, the back reveals a gorgeous black and gold embroidered tulle which will sweep people away once revealed. Simple sophistication that makes a show-stopping piece for your end of summer wardrobe.

2 – The Perfect Sleepwear

Casual wear and loungewear is a style which, once confined to the home alone, has begun to pop up on every street in major cities across the world. It means that people are able to take the comfort of home out and about with them. However, sometimes when it comes to our sleepwear it should be kept as a little special something for our own comfort.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.49.39

For that reason, there is nothing more luxurious or comfortable to wear than this Sophia Short Slip from Gilda & Pearl. Peony silk with a v-neck, spaghetti strap, v-back and a comfortable mid-length. This piece is comfortable and sexy, giving you the perfect outfit to love being in as the longer nights start to warn of the end of summer.

3 – Add a Little Lace

Now we have some good sleepwear and loungewear, it almost goes without saying that we need a delicious robe to go over it. And, after all, what is Autumn but the chance to lounge about lamenting the loss of the sun? To do such lounging, we need the help of a dramatically fabulous robe. Cue this delectable piece from Yes Master.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.49.32

This Rose Applique Lace Kimono is absolutely stunning. It’s a statement piece. Something which you will wear with pride and as often as you possibly can. White and cream, the ruffle-hem embroiders this gown for a unique look that you won’t be likely to find anywhere else.

And there you have it, three ideas to help warm up your end of summer nights and give you a grand addition to your lingerie drawer to enter into Autumn with. So, do not lament the end of summer but rejoice in the newness of your wardrobe and all of the new luxuries you can enjoy instead.

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Starting Your Sexy Boudoir Collection

Are you looking for something a little more in the bedroom? An extra touch of excitement or just something to make you feel good about yourself, either way, a good way to bring this new fire into your bedroom is by starting your very own sexy boudoir collection. From delectable bras to suspender thongs, there really is no end to your choices when it comes to injecting an extra dose of sexiness into your bedroom.

Quirky, flirty and chic; the perfect recipe for any boudoir collection is out there for you to find.

To help you in your search, here are a few pieces to help you start your very own sexy little boudoir collection today:

The Blushing Bra

There’s no reason why you can’t feel sexy but delicate at the same time. A boudoir collection is an extension of yourself, so it can be whatever makes it feel like you.

This Blush Boudoir Bra from Fleur of England is a little bit innocent and much more irresistible. Made from barely-there invisible tulle, it is embellished with exquisite embroidered Guipure lace, which is hand-stitched on the individual cups. A silk edging and thin straps are just the cherry on top of this beautiful piece. It’s the kind of bra that leaves just the right amount to the imagination, but will also have your admirer wanting more and more.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 09.14.06

Add a Little String

Having a little piece of your own boudoir chic isn’t hard when there are so many gorgeous examples out there. It’s only the choice that makes life a little bit more difficult; but, don’t worry we’re here to help!

When it comes to stings there really is nothing like the feeling of luxurious fabric, so we absolutely recommend the Chantal Thomass Nymphea Black String piece for just that. It is a daring mix of classic and modern, with a flirty take on bows and crinoline. The lace makes for an irresistible feel that you will love time and again. The opening on the back also adds a little touch of flirtiness – perfect for any occasion!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 12.24.18

A Pinch of Spice

Of course, no boudoir collection is complete without a little touch of naughtiness in the collection. We’ll leave the use of this pair of Absidem Red Janice Handcuffs up to your imagination… but suffice to say they can really add a little something extra special to your bedroom experience.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 09.05.46

They can also be used as a bracelet to add a little more edge to your everyday look.

And to Finish

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 08.53.20

Sexiness is an indefinable feeling. Where one woman feels irresistible in nothing but a bra and panties, there’s nothing to say that being encased in the luxury of a fine pair of silk pyjamas can’t do the very same thing. And you can always make sure to have a little surprise underneath for later.

We suggest an irresistible pair of Olivia von Halle Lila Marilyn Silk Pyjama. Tailored, well-fitting, and inspired by Coco Chanel herself with the beautiful carmine red print. The finish is mother of pearl; adding an extra touch of luxury to your nightwear. You will undoubtedly feel like royalty whilst wearing them.

Starting your sexy boudoir collection doesn’t have to be hard. If you haven’t spotted something you love here, then check out the rest of the Dolci Follie collection today.